Point-of-Care Dispensing Services for Dermatologists

Convenient for Your Patient | Easy for Your Staff | Profitable for You

With UniteRx point-of-care dispensing, you have visibility to pharmacy benefits so you can select and dispense the most clinically-appropriate, cost-effective medication for your patient on-the-spot.

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UniteRx generates value for your practice by:

Improving Patient Convenience

Our fast and convenient point-of-care dispensary saves time and eliminates a trip to a retail pharmacy for your patients.

Driving Therapy Adherence

Patient compliance with filling prescriptions jumps to nearly 100% with point-of-care dispensing, versus only 60% with a traditional pharmacy.

Creating New Revenue

Keep the revenue from the many prescriptions you write daily within your practice.

Minimizing Pharmacy Calls

On average, medical practices spend $30,000 annually on pharmacy calls and faxes.  Point-of-care dispensing reduces these calls, saving your practice time and money.

Enabling Visibility to Pharmacy Benefits

Routing each prescription through your point-of-care dispensary enables you to assess medication options and co-pays on-the-spot so your patients leave your practice with the most clinically-appropriate, cost-effective medication.

Add value for your patients.

UniteRx empowers the physician to assess medication options based on the patient’s pharmacy benefits and provide the patient with the most appropriate FDA-approved medication at checkout.  With our comprehensive solution and support, your point-of-care dispensary can be up and running quickly and efficiently.

“UniteRx has been a great addition to my practice. We have reduced time spent on prior authorizations by 80%; improved patient compliance; increased patient satisfaction; and generated new revenue. The UniteRx team has been a great help, and I am a huge fan of the people and the product.”

– UniteRx Dermatologist, MN