Benefits of Partnering with Us

Improving Patient Convenience

75% of patients would have their prescription filled in their doctor’s office instead of a pharmacy if given the choice.

Driving Therapy Adherence

Compliance with drug therapy is 60% -70% better when medications are delivered at the point-of-care versus when patients must go to another location to fill the prescription.

Creating New Revenue

Your practice can quickly recognize significant revenue from the hundreds of prescriptions written monthly.

Minimizing Pharmacy Calls

Practices spend an average of $30,000 annually on human resources managing pharmacy calls, faxes and pharmacy-initiated changes to patients’ formularies.

Enabling Visibility to Pharmacy Benefits

Routing each prescription through your point-of-care dispensary enables you to assess medication options and co-pays on-the-spot so your patients leave your practice with the most clinically-appropriate, cost-effective medication.

“With UniteRx, I can ensure my patient walks out with the best medication choice for his medical coverage and be compensated for the time and effort it takes to manage the prior authorizations and formulary restrictions.”

– UniteRx Dermatologist, AZ

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