Reasons to Become a Dispensing Physician

Physician dispensing- also called point-of-care dispensing- has been around since physicians began practicing medicine. As early as 1271, physicians and pharmacists in France feuded over medication dispensing laws. In the United States, a reemergence occurred in the early 1980s, and the number of dispensing physicians began to increase.

Why are more and more providers choosing to become dispensing physicians?

Save time and money

Practices spend an average of $30,000 annually on human resources managing pharmacy calls, faxes and pharmacy-initiated changes to patients’ formularies. As a dispensing physician, prescriptions are filled at point-of-care, enabling the practice staff to focus on the patients in the office and get any questions about the prescription answered on-the-spot.

Create new revenue

Dispensing physicians can quickly recognize significant revenue from the hundreds of prescriptions written monthly. Moreover, because the point-of-care dispensary fits into the existing patient flow and checkout process, implementing and managing physician dispensing is low cost.

Improve patient satisfaction

When surveyed, 75% of patients stated they have their prescription filled in their doctor’s office instead of a pharmacy if given a choice.

Increase therapy adherence

Compliance with drug therapy is 60% -70% better when the point-of-care delivers the medications versus when patients must go to another location to fill the prescription.

Decrease reliance on cosmetic services

Most dermatologists chose the specialty because they have a desire to treat skin conditions that impact a patient’s health and wellbeing. However, with reimbursements for medical dermatology declining and demand for cosmetic dermatology services increasing, many dermatology providers spend more and more of their time and marketing dollars on cosmetic services.  

While reimbursements for medical dermatology services have declined, payments for prescriptions associated with these services remain attractive. Therefore, a dispensing physician can serve medical dermatology patients, support positive health outcomes, and improve the revenue of the practice.

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