Why Dermatology: Insights on UniteRx

Founded in 2010, UniteRx is a leading national provider of point-of-care dispensary solutions to primarily dermatology clients. The UniteRx team brings more than 40 combined years of experience creating in-office practice solutions, pharmaceutical distribution, and point-of-care dispensary and retail pharmacy implementations.

While in-office dispensaries are available to all types of practices, dermatology practices have a unique opportunity to improve the profitability of the medical side of their practice through point-of-care dispensing.  We recognize that many physicians chose dermatology to help patients with medical conditions such as acne, skin cancer, rosacea and more; however, the cosmetic services within dermatology have grown within many practices due to demand and profitability.  

Our dermatology clients have also shared, however, that the costs of offering cosmetic services are rising due to:

  • Increased competition from other dermatologists, medspas and even other medical specialties like obstetrics and gynecology practices
  • Increased marketing costs, especially in digital marketing
  • Decreased profit margins as the cost of the products rise but retail pricing declines due to specials, Groupons, etc.

As a result, dermatology practices are searching for solutions that not only increase revenue but:

  • Have low start-up costs
  • Fit into the existing practice flow
  • Differentiate the practice vs. competition
  • Provide a unique and desired benefit to patients

That solution is point-of-care dispensing from UniteRx. With an exclusive focus on dermatology, we offer a point-of-care dispensing solution as well as the support the practice needs before, during and after implementation to dramatically improve revenue associated with medical services, increase patient satisfaction and therapy adherence, and decrease the time spent by practice staff managing prescription-related calls from pharmacies and patients.

While insurance reimbursements for medical services have declined, payments for prescriptions associated with medical practice are attractive. With the medication contracts secured by UniteRx, point-of-care dispensing can enable you to profitably focus on the patients that you wanted to help when you chose dermatology- medical patients- and balance your practice’s revenue portfolio more evenly between medical and cosmetic services.

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